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[profile] marielyuy asked for:

My Top 5 Meals

1. Pastitsio

Pastitsio is, as far as I'm concerned, one of the meals one must try in their life. So. Good.

2. Rice with mushrooms and corn

A bit plain, but omg rice. Rice is good cooked any way, in fact (except in soups, soggy rice, ew - al dente for me). Saffron rice. Or jasmine rice. Mmm.

3. Sweet-sour chicken with vegetables

The kind I make with carrots, peppers and mushrooms, in tomato, wine, balsamic and honey sauce.

4. Pasta with bolognese sauce

Such a comfort food. Carbonara is a very, very close second to this.

5. Beef in tomato sauce

Especially with french fries. Mmmm.

Gah, I feel like I'm leaving out so many dishes I love, it's not even fair. Like pizza, or quiche, or potatoes in tomato sauce, or vegetables au gratin, or, gosh, roasted chicken and potatoes with mustard sauce. I just love food, okay?

[profile] jolinar_rosha asked for:

My Top 5 McKay Moments

1. Trio. ::squishes McKay::

2. Carter: So what? We call Anubis up and *ask* him to stop?
McKay: Yeah. "Hey, Anubis. This is your agent. You're playing it way over the top. Can you get serious, please?"

This scene from SG-1 always, always, always cracks me up.

3. Tao of Rodney. The geekiness, the arrogance, the adorableness near then end. Just... <3333

4. His video in Letters from Pegasus.

5. Condemned. I don't know, I just love McKay in that episode.

Again, I feel like this Top 5 is very inaccurate. Mostly because I always love McKay. And for some reason I mostly included serious, brave!McKay moments (cause he's so adorable when he's being surprisingly courageous) as opposed to hilarious moments, with the exception of 2, and maybe 5 (but I'm not counting that cause initially I had put a scene from First Strike in its place).



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